Statue of Unity Online Ticket Booking | How to Book Statue of Unity Entry Ticket Online?

Posted by Nitin Maheta | January 07, 2020 Comments: 0
In my last article, I have mentioned that I will be sharing how to book the tickets of the Statue of Unity online, and in this article, I will be sharing everything associated with the same.

The Statue of Unity does have a single ticket counter from where you can get the tickets. But what if you reach and find out that all the tickets for the day have been sold out? It's quite disheartening.

You may get the tickets for the next day or 2-3 days after, and this can only be possible when its a holiday time. But why to take a risk when we have the option to book a ticket beforehand online.

And yes, this is the mistake I had done, and thus, I don't want anyone of you to make the same mistake. So, let's check out how to book The Statue of Unity tickets online.

The Statue of Unity Ticket Booking

Booking the tickets of The Statue of Unity online is a simple process. You have to follow the instructions mentioned below:

1) You have to visit the official website for booking the tickets for The Statue of Unity,

2) From the menu option, click on "Book Tickets"

3) Under the Book Tickets option, you will find 12 options, where the first 3 includes the Bus service (which will take you to the Statue of Unity and towards the entry), complimentary access to the Light and Sound show, Sardar Sarovar Dam viewpoints, and Valley of Flowers.

Other options include Boating, River rafting, children nutrition park, cycling, and much more.

But in this article, we will solely talk about the Statue of Unity tickets, which you have to choose from the first three options itself.

SoU Express Entry

The SoU express entry ticket option helps you to avoid standing in long queues while viewing the gallery in addition to the SoU entry followed by the bus service, Sardar Sarovar Dam viewpoints, complimentary access to Light and Sound show and Valley of Flowers. The price will be higher than other two options.

SoU Viewing Gallery

The SoU viewing gallery ticket gives you access to the viewing gallery along with the bus service, Sardar Sarovar Dam viewpoints, complimentary access to light and sound show, and Valley of Flowers.

SoU Entry Ticket

The SoU Entry ticket doesn't give you access to the viewing gallery. This ticket gives you access to bus service, Sardar Sarovar Dam viewpoints, museum, audiovisual gallery, and complimentary access to light and sound show.

According to me, the best ticket option is the second one, SoU Viewing Gallery, and if you don't want to stand in the queues, then you can go for Option 1 too.

4) Once you select the option among the above three options mentioned, click on the Book Ticket option, and a pop-up window will appear, asking your phone number.

You need to enter your phone number and click on Send OTP to your inbox. Once you receive the OTP on your mobile, enter the same in the box to login.

5) After entering the OTP, you will log in, and it will redirect you to the page where you have to select the date of your visit to the Statue of Unity, followed by the number of tickets you want to book.

UPDATE: I have read a newspaper lately, that many people are purchasing the tickets of the Statue of Unity online and selling in black outside the venue. And thus, one rule has been passed that each person can only book 6 tickets at a time. (Source- Divya Bhaskar (Ahmedabad))

You can check the screenshot of the same attached below.

The prices of the tickets are different for adults and children; you can select the option accordingly. Click on Next.

6) Now you will be redirected to the next page, where you have to enter the contact details, including your names, phone number, and email address. Make sure you enter the correct information because the tickets will be sent to that email address. Click on Next.

7) On the next page, you will see the cart where you can review your selection. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy. Check the terms and conditions box, click on Next for the payment.

8) On the payment page, you will get the options to make the payment, including the Net Banking, Credit/Debit card, or SOU wallet. You can select any one option and make the payment.

9) And it is done. Yes! Your tickets for the Statue of Unity has finally been booked.

You will get the tickets in the PDF format in your email. You need not get the print. You have to save the file on your phone and show the same on the entry when you reach.

Above, I have mentioned the ticket format how it will look like after you receive it.

If you have any questions regarding the same, you can comment below. I will make sure to answer all your queries from my experience.

Additionally, you can have a look at a video on my YouTube channel, Mr. Nitzz, on how to book the Statue of Unity tickets online (Hindi).

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more updates on my travels.

Thank You!

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3 Mistakes I Made During My Statue Of Unity Trip

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In continuation of my last post, which I had published yesterday, I would like to introduce myself in brief here. I am Mr. Nitzz (Nitin Maheta), a professional blogger and a Passionate YouTuber. I had recently started with Travel Vlogging.

The first thing is that we all know that our existence in this big world is much more than what words can explain. And if you have this life, then explore the things around you because you have just got one experience. And this is the only reason I took a step further out of my comfort box and started Travel Vlogging. Most of us love traveling, but only a few of us know that while traveling, we should keep a few things in mind. First of all, is Security followed by which place we are visiting or traveling to, what we need to carry, the hotel pre-bookings, and much more to have a smooth and safe journey followed by more exploration of the place.

In this article, I want to share a few mistakes which I did on my first trip to The Statue of Unity.

Hotel Booking

I knew that I would be traveling from Rajkot to Vadodara, followed by visiting Kevadia, the place where the Statue of Unity is situated, and it will take around 8 to 9 hours. According to the time, I started my journey by bus. We all know that Indian coaches don't have a specific running time. And thus, I didn't give any thought about my hotel booking because since I traveled through a bus, I would have been late or would have reached the place by night. We didn't plan a hotel booking. Then my friend Bhavesh Sondagar who reached the spot, Kevadia 4 hours before me searched for the hotel room, and after continuous efforts, for 3 hours, we got the one. And honestly, this is one of the biggest mistakes we do while traveling.

Here I want to say that we should have booked the Hotel and made all the Reservations before starting our travel to the place so that we can save time and explore the area.

The Statue of Unity Tickets

We both reached and stayed at the Hotel on the night of 13th December 2019, and the very next day, that is 14th December 2019, we had to visit the Statue of Unity. And here we made one more mistake as we didn't book the tickets in advance and thus, we couldn't be able to visit the place. So, if you are planning to visit the Statue of Unity anytime soon, then do make sure to book the tickets online. And if you don't get the tickets, then you need to wait for another day. So, thinking about how to book the tickets? Don't worry, as I have already posted the video over my YouTube Channel, and here I have also posted the article as well.

Video Shoot Equipment

Camera Memory Card:
After visiting the Statue of Unity, all I needed was to shoot the video. In the beginning, the video shoot started correctly, but since I had an 8GB memory card, I faced an issue. I managed to transfer all the footage to my phone and did format the memory card and started shooting again. Till this point, all went good. But when I moved these footages, the old ones got replaced. Since the names of the footages were the same, I lost more than 30 footages.

The thing to learn here is that I should have carried more than two memory cards with me for maximum storage space. Also, I should have learned about the camera settings before moving the footage to my phone because we can do the simple camera settings when it comes to the name of the footage.

Camera Battery:
My camera had only one battery, and I didn't carry an extra one. And this was another big mistake I did. I was traveling and shooting, and thus, I should have taken a spare battery so that if my camera goes off, I can continue the shoot. I didn't face any issue, but by the end of the video shoot, my camera's battery dozed off, and I couldn't be able to shoot the last few minutes of the video.

These were some of the mistakes I did on the first trip. But I purchased two new 64GB memory cards before traveling further. You might think why I bought two? Because one memory card might get corrupted. So, for a safer side, I bought two. And along with this, I also purchased an extra camera battery. And the next video shoot I did gave my best without facing any fear of losing the footages or the battery issue.

So, now let's see what more mistakes I will do in my future visits and what these mistakes make us learn. I will share all my experiences like these here. Also, I will be active on all the social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, don't forget to follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Last but not least, I would also like to have your feedback, your suggestions, your experiences if any. You can comment below, or you can even comment on my YouTube channel.

Thank You!

Stay Tuned!
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I started Traveling | How it started | First Blog Post

Posted by Nitin Maheta | January 03, 2020 Comments: 2

Along with Mr. Nitzz YouTube Channel, I even bought the domain,, as I wanted to register the name under My Works. But even after setting up the blog, I don't know why I wasn't able to work on the blog. I bought the domain in the year 2017 and even got it renewed in the year 2018 and also gave a thought to work over it, but unfortunately, I failed to give my time to this blog. And in the year 2019, when it was the time for its renewal again, I thought that NO! I won't be able to work on this blog ever. And thinking about this failure, I deleted the domain from my Account. But, just like many people say, who knows what happens in the future. And here, I repurchased on 02/01/2020 again. So, finally, today, I am writing my first article on this blog.

On 8/12/2019, and I had been to Chotila with my family. I carried my camera with me and started shooting random videos. And when I came back, I edited all the videos and published a full-fledged one on my YouTube channel. After watching that video, one of my blogger friends, Bhavesh Sondagar, asked me that if I love Travelling to different places, then we can do Travel Vlogging. He even said that we would be traveling together, but we will handle different YouTube channels. Recently, Bhavesh also started his Travel Vlogging. So, this is how we planned together and went on for our first trip to the Statue of Unity.

After coming back from the trip, I did publish the Vlog on my YouTube channel, but I wasn't able to write the Blog Post on the same. And even I had deleted the domain from my Account. But then Bhavesh suggested that along with the Vlog, I should also go for Blogging as well. And I liked that idea and then repurchased the domain.

And from now onwards, wherever I will be traveling, I will publish the videos over my YouTube Channel, Mr. Nitzz, and simultaneously I will post the blogs as well on The articles will be about my experiences, the places I will be visiting, and how we managed to travel and solve the issues we came across in the journey.

Along with this, I will also share my YouTube experience with all of you. This might help the new YouTubers in some or the other way.

So, this is just the beginning. And we will be covering the in and around Tourist places of Gujarat, and with time, we will start traveling outside Gujarat too.

Till now, we had been to three places, Statue of Unity, followed by Hingolgadh and Bhamora. After visiting these three places, we noticed that we made a lot of mistakes, but we are learning as well.

With this, My New Year resolution is traveling to different places, making the least mistakes, and if we do, then we will learn from them and share our experience with all of you.

So, let's meet in my next posts where I will be talking about my experiences at the Statue of Unity, Hingolgadh, and Bhamora.

Thank You for reading!

Stay Tuned!
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